Thursday, May 17, 2007

senate measure targets meth use, production

Brogan, Pamela "Senate Measure Targets Meth Use, Production"
Gannett news service, march 2 2006,

in washington meth makers and abusers will have a hard time making it under the new law.
bush is expected to sign this. this measure limits the sale of cold medicines that include the ingredient pseudoephedrine, which is the main ingredient in meth. buyers are limited to only 3.6 grams (120 pills) per day. or 300 per month. also have to show id and sign it out. also gives state/local law enforcement 119$ million a year to combat this. stiffer penalties. one lab bust revealed a dead baby in a duffel bag. more than 35 states have already limited the sale of pseudoephedrine. oregon is the toughest on this. missouri had the top meth problem in the nation. people say it is a problem and epidemic. and the feds need to do something.

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