Thursday, May 17, 2007

sudafed tamperer gets life sentence annotation

Ropp, Kevin L. " sudafed tamperer gets life sentence"
FDA Consumer, November 1993 v27 n9 p36 (3)

Joseph Meling tampered with several sudafed packages and capsules. he replaced the liquids in the capsules with cyanide and gave them to his wife and them brought some packages back to stores.
evidence led back to Joseph and he received a life sentence.

washington state law limits pseudoephedrine pruchases annotation

"Washington state law limits pseudoephedrine purchases."
Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly, September 24, 2001 v13 i36 p7

new law which limits the sale of products with pseudoephedrine ingredient. it is found in many cold medications. it is a gross misdemeanor to sell more than 3 packs to one person. illegal for a customer to buy mor than that in a single day or posses more than 15 grams. small distributors will have to report every sale. hope it will help stop or hinder the growing meth problem. truth is .. the laws arent enough.

Who moved my sudafed? annotation

Gorman, Christine. " Who Moved My Sudafed?"
Time. New york, October 9, 2006. Vol. 168 Iss. 15; pg. 81
(database: Gold Periodicals)

allergy sufferers will find it harder to obtain their stuffy nose relief because of popular cold medications going behind the counter. companies have switched out pseudoephedrine, which is the leading ingredient in methamphedamine, to a different, less effective ingredient called phenylephrine. this ingredient is the same as a placebo at relieving stuffy noses. because it has a hard time getting to the blood stream. many companies switch to phenylephrine to keep their products on the shelves.

Methamphetamine Fear Cuts Cold-pill Access Annotation

Parker, Molly. "Methamphetamine Fear Cuts Cold-Pill Access"
Chicago Tribune (KRT), February 2, 2004, <>

stores such as Walgreens, dominicks, jewel-osco, walmart, and cvs, are all among big companies who have cracked down on sudafed sales across the nation. aimed at cutting back the thefts of pseudoephedrine products. needed to be put behind the counter to limit "smurfs" access to stealing the medication containing pseudoephedrine. smurfs are people hired to get products for meth cooks. someone can get high off of 1/3 of a gram of meth but may use more to keep the high going for days. "putting them behind the counter really hurts access of consumers to the product." -Jay Kosminsky, spokesman of Pfizer, maker of sudafed. some people believe that education NOT legislation is how we are going to stop the problem. crackdown lead to a higher amount of smurf thefts. this alone will not hinder the making of meth.

senate measure targets meth use, production

Brogan, Pamela "Senate Measure Targets Meth Use, Production"
Gannett news service, march 2 2006,

in washington meth makers and abusers will have a hard time making it under the new law.
bush is expected to sign this. this measure limits the sale of cold medicines that include the ingredient pseudoephedrine, which is the main ingredient in meth. buyers are limited to only 3.6 grams (120 pills) per day. or 300 per month. also have to show id and sign it out. also gives state/local law enforcement 119$ million a year to combat this. stiffer penalties. one lab bust revealed a dead baby in a duffel bag. more than 35 states have already limited the sale of pseudoephedrine. oregon is the toughest on this. missouri had the top meth problem in the nation. people say it is a problem and epidemic. and the feds need to do something.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Treating Sniffles With A Jail Term Annotation

the act of people abusing drugs is never going to end. people will just find new drugs to replace the ones that are restricted. pseudophedrine, and ingredient used in decongestants, has been recently used in meth.

Sudafed Clampdown Annotation

Jacob sullum talks about pseudophedrine restrictions in certain states. pseudophedrine is the new drug that has recently been an ingredient in the production of methanphedamine. people opposed to the restrictions on the purchase of such medication say, the meth cooks can just buy what they need from states with less restrictions. the most stuff that meth cooks get comes from buying in bulk in mexico, rather than pharmacys. ted kulongoski says the only way to stop the sale is to track the sales. drug trafficers find new drugs all the time. if you get rid of one.. its only a matter of time till they find another one.