Thursday, May 17, 2007

Methamphetamine Fear Cuts Cold-pill Access Annotation

Parker, Molly. "Methamphetamine Fear Cuts Cold-Pill Access"
Chicago Tribune (KRT), February 2, 2004, <>

stores such as Walgreens, dominicks, jewel-osco, walmart, and cvs, are all among big companies who have cracked down on sudafed sales across the nation. aimed at cutting back the thefts of pseudoephedrine products. needed to be put behind the counter to limit "smurfs" access to stealing the medication containing pseudoephedrine. smurfs are people hired to get products for meth cooks. someone can get high off of 1/3 of a gram of meth but may use more to keep the high going for days. "putting them behind the counter really hurts access of consumers to the product." -Jay Kosminsky, spokesman of Pfizer, maker of sudafed. some people believe that education NOT legislation is how we are going to stop the problem. crackdown lead to a higher amount of smurf thefts. this alone will not hinder the making of meth.

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