Monday, March 19, 2007

RAFT // March 19

A-Mr. Hatten, the class and the world wide web
T-my spring break and comments about third trimester

Well Mr. Hatten and the world wide web,
My spring break was really relaxing and wonderful :D.
I slept till noon almost every day, i went tanning and tried to get more color that my friend.
That didnt work out. Also, my brother had the same spring break as me so he came home from college. That was fun. Although he basically ate all of our food. I lived at other peoples houses all week to tell the truth. It was a very loonngg week, which was good, for the most part. I am very much looking forward to third trimester because i am determined to get all of this computer stuff, with blogger and all that jazz. Im sure that Mr. Hatten is very happy to know that he has both Miranda and I in the same class in this wonderful fifth hour english class this trimester. We would just like to let him know we will try... TRY to keep the talking down a bit.
No promises however.

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