Thursday, February 8, 2007

Day 3

State the problem:
Too many people at tartan

Give evidence:
-The hallways at tartan are PACKED with kids, so much that people can barely walk.

-siblings have to share lockers

-class sizes are bigger than they have ever been

-parking lot is overflowing to the streets

-there is not enough supplies in the school for every student

-teachers are bringing in couches or chairs to fit the extra students in their classrooms

Examine contributing factors:
-there have been a lot of open enrollment students coming to tartan

-there are a lot more freshmen than other years

-there have been a lot of people transferring to tartan

Propose a solution:
Either make the school bigger or have the school district give schools more money to
do what they need to do to make the school able to accommodate all of the students.

1 comment:

Dana English10 said...

Looks good, looks good. The only improvement I see is that you could stregthen your main generalization a bit. Otherwise its great!

Dana S. hr.2